Trust Administration Services

What are Trust Administration Services?

After the death of the person who created a Trust dies, who is also referred to as the Trustor or the Settlor, certain steps must be taken to administer a trust. Diane Haisha-DeForest, aka Lawyer Di can help you through the difficult time after the death of a family member. With her skill and comprehensive understanding of all facets and steps of trust administration, her firm has the ability to step in and make this a successful and smoothly run process.

Eliminate Fighting in your Family

By naming a California Professional Trustee to act in the capacity of Trust administrator, (to carry out the terms of your Trust) – you virtually eliminate the hurt feelings, guilt and blame that often follow a family after a trust has been administered by a family member. Keeping the family relations together is something that should be in the forefront of every Trustor’s mind when deciding who to name as a Successor Trustee.

You Don’t Have Anybody That You Feel Comfortable Naming As Your Successor Trustee

The search is over. We can handle that job for you. Over the past decade we have been assisting our deceased client’s families with the administration of the family’s trust. We offer competitive rates and unparalleled service. There is no payment due from the Trust until Trustee services are actually rendered.

The Steps Involved in Trust Administration

As a trust administrator, our firm will inventory the assets of the estate involved. Title or ownership of those assets will be determined as well as their monetary values at the time of their owner’s death. Proper valuation of estate assets is important because of income tax and estate tax consequences. Experts in property and asset valuation are required for this essential task. Such assets include not only real estate but also stock portfolios, other securities and investments, vehicles, jewelry, art, collectibles, mobile homes, and other personal belongings.

As a prominent Trust administration firm, the Lawyer Di’s Estate Planning Legal Center will work to determine which assets are in the trust and which are not, and with the assistance of a CPA determine what the estate taxes may be. We will provide a proper accounting, pay any bills due, file any tax forms needed and then distribute the assets due to the beneficiaries according to the terms of the trust document.

Why Is Trust Administration So Important?

Depending on the size and extent of the estate, the duties of a trust administrator may be very complicated, requiring someone who thoroughly understands all the steps and consequences involved. It may also be a very serious business because the administrator has a fiduciary responsibility and may be personally liable if one fails to perform the duties involved properly. Having a San Diego trust administration attorney for this important job can relieve you and your family of undue stress and worry.