Retirement Mistakes – Can You Afford Them?

Photo Courtesy of AAG

You may not realize it now, but planning for your retirement takes a lot of work and a great deal of knowledge. Planning for your retirement can be overwhelming, and many are tempted to simply put it aside until a later date. If this sounds like you, then the best recommendation is to ask for help from a financial planner. If you want to live your retirement life in the style you’re accustomed to, you will need help.


How Large Will Your Lifestyle Be? One of the mistakes that occurs most often is living large in retirement. When asked, most people have no idea how much money they’ll need yearly to live the lifestyle they want. Many people think they can live on a set amount, but when talking to a financial planner, they find out it won’t be nearly enough. retirementlifestyleWhat do you plan to do in retirement?

Will you travel, eat out more often or enjoy entertainment outside of the home, and will you have the money to do these things? Many people will not be able to live their dream retirement, unless they start to save earlier and save enough each year. This is where a financial planner can help you realize your dreams. People need to understand that in retirement, with a lot of downsizing, their dreams can become a reality. Will you still need a large home with all those bedrooms, or will you save money by selling it and downsizing to something smaller; possibly in a retirement community.


Health Care Costs in Retirement healthcareThis is one of the most overlooked and unplanned for costs in retirement. It’s important to budget for these costs in your overall retirement plan. Understand Medicare and what it does and does not cover. If it’s overwhelming, have an expert help you understand the entire process you’ll be facing in the future. Retirement also means that you’re going to get older and you’ll need a plan for long term care if a medical issue arises. Some will have children that will help out, but without their help, retirees can be in an unexpected position of not having enough money to provide for long term care. The US Department of Health expects that as many as 70% of retired people could face this problem at some point in their retirement years. Plan for it today and you’ll avoid future problems.


When to Start Saving retirement savingsMany financial planners would offer the advice that you need to start saving for retirement the day you’re born. It’s that important, and yet many people do not realize the importance until it’s too late. Many would like to see retirement planning start in high school, with classes that teach the importance of understanding a good retirement plan, means freedom when you’re older. The key to a successful retirement is to plan early and save as much as you can. If you start at age 20 and save $300 a month for 20 years, you’ll realize a million dollar retirement, and after 40 you’ll never need to save for the future, assuming you receive good returns on your money over the years. So starts as soon as possible and get help from a good financial planner.